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Don Carlos - Personal Reserve

The Cameroon wrapper of the Don Carlos Personal Reserve has a medium brown woody color to it. Upon closer examination, there is some darker marbling on the surface. There is also a very light coating of oil on the cigar. The surface of the wrapper is quite smooth. Any visible veins are quite thin, and most of the wrapper seams are well hidden.There are two bands on the Don Carlos Personal Reserve Robusto. The primary band is a variation of the classic Arturo Fuente Cigar band that features a red, gold, and black color scheme. The band features a white shield in the middle with the letters “AF” in gold font sitting on a red circle in the middle of the shield. The shield is surrounded by gold and sits on a larger black circular background. In gold font is the text “A. FUENTE” and “RESERVA DON CARLOS” on the top and bottom of the black circular background espectively. There is a variety of gold adornments that surround the red circular background. On the lower left and lower right of the band is the text “HAND” and “MADE” respectively – both in gold font sitting on a red background. The band itself is trimmed in red.The secondary band rests just below the primary one. It features a black-colored nameplate-like design on the center on the band with Carlos Fuente’s signature in gold font. Just below the signature is the text “PERSONAL RESERVE – also in gold font. Each side of the nameplate design as a red circle with the initials “CF” in gold font. The nameplate design itself is trimmed in gold. To the left and right of the red circles are two gold medallions. Finally the lower portion of the band has red trim.


Täckblad: Cameroon
Omblad: Dominikanska Republiken
Inlaga: Dominikanska Republiken
Styrka: Full

Variant Pris Antal  
Singel 757,00 Kr
5 styck 3 558,00 Kr
10 styck 6 813,00 Kr
Låda om 20 styck 13 750,00 Kr